Guide: How to replace/upgrade the HDD in a Tonium Pacemaker (P211) to a SSD.


I believe this guide is just for a smaller group of (dedicated) people, so I will write it in English. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – Intro

This is a more detailed version of the guide of the same upgrade procedure.
Time duration: less then one hour.
Troubleshooting: and


1.1  Preparation & tools

Get your Tonium Pacemaker (Model No. P211)
..and load the Pacemaker before start.
One Mini-B USB to USB cable. For computer sync.
One ESD protection band
One Screwdriver Torx T6
One ZIF 40-pin SSD/PATA (Solid State Disc, Parallel (MLC type)
One 2.5 flat screwdriver (or something small and flat) to release the ZIF cable with.

SSD specifications
SSD specifications
Torx (T6)
Torx (T6)
SSD package front
SSD package front
SSD package back
SSD package back
2016-09-03 13.08.07
ESD bandPacemaker front & back
Pacemaker frontPacemaker back

Pacemaker front & back

Chapter 2 – Hardware installation

Open up the case with the strewdriver (T6 torx).

Unscrew the six screws with your Torx (T6) screwdriver and lift off the back side straight up (since there are connectors both at the top and end of the device).

2016-09-03 13.25.33_crop
Back case open
Back case open


Locate the ZIF cable. And remeber to be careful with it so it does not break. Seems hard to get another in the right (short) length.

2016-09-03 13.07.48_crop


Remove the shock protection case.

2016-09-03 13.09.03 HDR_crop

Remove the ZIF cable from the main circuit card

1. Carefully lift the old HDD.
Release the cable lock:
Insert a flat surface and lift the black bar/ribbon/lock.
Pull out and remove the ZIF cable and the HDD.
(Now release the ZIF cable from the HDD as well.)

2016-09-03 13.14.59_crop
2016-09-03 13.15.18_crop
2016-09-03 13.15.58_crop


Put the old HDD away and insert the old ZIF cable in the new SSD.
(The white line at the cable should not be visable when you lock the cable in to you SSD.)

2016-09-03 13.17.04_crop


Lock the cable in to the main circuit board.

2016-09-03 13.19.31_crop


It can be a little tricky, but try to put the shock protection back. First on to you SSD and then back in to the small holes at the main card.

2016-09-03 13.20.48_crop

Ready to put the back and front together again

It should look something like this:

2016-09-03 13.23.50_crop


Put the back and front together again with the Torx (T6).

2016-09-03 13.25.33_crop


Chapter 3 – Software installation

Start your Pacemaker device

2016-09-03 13.28.00_crop


Follow the steps on the screen and restore the SSD.

Sorry friend... Hard drive needs checking. [Continue]
Sorry friend… Hard drive needs checking.
Restore hard drive? [Restore]
Restore hard drive?
In progress
In progress

Disc restoration complete

Restart and confirmation of the restoration.
You will now need to upgrade the firmware.
Connect the divice to a computer with a (Mini) USB cable.

Hard drive restored. Please upgrade firmeware
Hard drive restored. Please upgrade firmware.

Connect to your computer

Your pacemaker device should show this message after you have connect it to the computer.

Pacemaker USB connected.
Pacemaker USB connected.

Follow the instructions from


Install from PMUpdater (Windows 7)

1_install from PMUpdater

…or install from file via PMUpdater (Windows 7)

1.2_PMUpdater from file

Wait for the file transfer from the computer to the Pacemaker

2.2 Wait

If PMUpdater could not complete the firmware update automatically.

Then eject hardware from your computer.

4 Warning
5.2 Eject Pacemaker

Start your Pacemaker.

Go to settings and check the firmware version.

You are now good to go!

2016-09-03 13.53.38__crop